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Pakistan: Durra Gun Market

This video shows the gun market of Durra, near Peshawar, Pakistan, where guns and ammo are manufactured by hand and then sold. Some gun shops in the western world frown upon dry firing before purchasing, in Durra, you live fire guns in the street before purchasing them! And if that’s no enough, you can go purchase to Landi Kotal, at the peak of the infamous Khyber Pass, which criss-crossed Alexander the Great, the Arians, Chinghiz Khan et. al.

The World Press online has a very interesting article about the gun markets in Pakistan (

Foreigners are only allowed to visit the town if they have a permit, obtainable from the Home Office in Peshawar (permits are no longer issued due to 'security concerns', however it is possible to take the Peshawar-Kohat bus and get off at the town, which will usually also involve being sent back by the local tribal police called 'khasadars'). Some 'fixers' in Peshawar offer to arrange a visit for a considerable sum. In this case a bodyguard will accompany visitors whilst they are in the town, and it may be possible to test-fire weapons for a small fee. Technically visitors can buy guns, though they will usually be confiscated by guards as the sellers inform them. Difficulties can only sometimes be avoided by judicious use of 'baksheesh' (bribes). (Wiki)

The entire region is known in Pak as the NWFP (North West Frontier Province), or FATA (Federally Administred Tribal Areas), and is run almost solely by the Afridi clan of Pathans (or Pashtun) tribe, who spoke Pashto. As can you see, it’s no advisable to stay here without a local guide and bodyguard support.

Here does not apply another law than the Pashtunwali (see), a non-written, honour-code set of rules which dates back to pre-Islamic eras. The Sharia's law seems almost permissive when compared against Pashtunwali laws, and revenges between families can be carried out after many generations. But it also rules on providing hospitality even to foes.

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