viernes, 12 de febrero de 2010

Chechenya: Shamil Basayev at War

This is a one-hour program produced in 1996 by a Turkish channel, in which Shamil Basayev (then alive) is interviewed by Mithat Bereket. It has no english translation, so, probably you must keep on images and gestures to decode this. But it's worth the spent time.

Those footages were shot in 1996, when the Chechen guerrillas defeated Yeltsin. Four years later, they were annihilated by the Putin' Red Army and Grozny went rubble.

The field commander of the Chechen guerrillas, Shamil Basayev, that looks as a kind of (Wahabbi) Muslim Che Guevara of the Caucasus, maybe was also the Bin-Laden equivalent for the Russians. As I noted here, part of the "Brzezinsky mujahideens" acting in Afghanistan in the eighties, ten years later were engaged in the Northern Caucasus (i.e., in Russia own).

(well, it's too late. I'm going to sleep and maybe tomorrow I will complete that shit)

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